This summer I directed 10 films Portraits of foreigners having been helped by the OFII : French Office for Immigration and Integration (attached to the Ministry of the Interior) for the socio-professional return in their country of origin. Today each of these people received a support by the OFII
to bring to a successful conclusion their new life projects.

Created in 1945, OFII, French Office for Immigration and Integration is now the only French State’s operator in charge of immigration procedures (family, student and professional), the reception of asylum seekers, the integration of new arrivals and the voluntary return and reintegration of foreign nationals.

Produced by Burgundi Prod, we went to meet them in their country. We followed each person for 2 days and transcribed in each of the films
their new life and hope for the future.

Réalisateur et Monteur Vidéo : David Guersan
Producteur :Alexandre Meernout
Directeur de Production : Corentin Marchand
Assistant de Production : Aymeric Bagic

Adama, farmer in mali

« I was really worried about going back to Mali
but OFII kept all their promises »

Adama Diara is a young farmer who decided to leave his home region of Koulikoro and set off for Europe in 2007. One day he would like to extend his plan and start selling the produce he grows himself. “I was really worried about what’d happen once I got home, but OFII kept all its promises”, he says, with a smile on his face. 
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Hamda, weaver in Tunisia

« I had no papers, no money and I was losing all hope »

Hamda is now 60, and hopes and wants to get all kinds of plans going. When he thinks about France, he imagines all the exhibitions of towels and weaving work in which he will be involved and the market that will open up to him.

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Apolinnaire, carpenter in cameroun

«The OFII really encouraged me to go full steam ahead in my profession. Now I’ve got two apprentices who’re being trained up just the way I was»

narek, farmer in armenia


narek .jpg

coming VERY soon...

Yaya, counsellor in Mali

« I’ve always wanted to do something both for my own country and for the continent of Africa as a whole »

Mohamed, farmer in Tunisia

"I’ve made my childhood dream come true in Tunisia"